in the shower…

Dear Gentle Sir,

When I am in the shower, and I am alone, that’s when I miss you the most.

I hear your delicious voice in my ear; soft, deep and gentle. The hot water traces me, rushing down along my creases, over my mounds and into my folds; I am warmed by this heat as it caresses me – not unlike the way my velvet walls caress your heat.

My long, dark hair plasters to my back, halfway down my spine, and as I tilt my head to let the water wash over me, it becomes a flush of pleasure – the same pleasure I feel when your tongue and mouth are on my neck, my breasts, my waist, and inner thighs… like so. My eyes close and I see you; your width, your strength, and the promise of your weight soon to be wrapped around me.

Dear God, you are so beautiful to see, my gentle lover, my sweet sir.

I lather the soap with my hands, watching the foam build in my palm, like you do when I touch you with these same  hands. I feel  the foam grow in my hand just like you do when you watch me, when I let myself spread and bend and curve, arch and buck for you. I am like silk. The soap covers me like breath and I moan softly, my throaty mew muffled by the steam.

These suds suspend time as they spill over all that I am: soft, round and smooth, lithe, narrow and strong, sweet and bold in this body of mine. I watch the white bubbles float and flow, mesmerized just like I am when I watch you drink me in, when you lap me up with your eyes, your hands, your mouth, your thighs and feet; it’s as though you are parched, and I am the only well that could possibly appease your insatiable thirst.

And I want you thirsty, I want you hungry I want you ripe with desire, without apology for needing all that I have to give you. Because even when you hold me with all your strength, when you grip and ply, push and pound me, your touch is gentle like all these bubbles and water… even when I am most dirty, with you, I feel clean.

When I rinse, I let the water take its time, I let the beads trickle and loiter because I know that’s how you prefer me: lingering in all this wet… my wet… for you.

Yours, In All Ways,

Lola Moi xo

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